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Pouvez-vous faire une demande ESTA avant de faire votre réservation de vol ou hôtel ?

The steps of your stay in the United States are not yet defined?

Citizens of countries participating in the US visa exemption program can apply for an ESTA authorization. This is achieved by line in a very short time, which prevents you from doing the steps, often long and costly, to obtain a visa.

The ESTA is a kind of "recognition" of your tourist status in the United States.

Summer is approaching; tourists and locals are preparing to sweep over the American beaches and parks. Travel websites offer deals to know more qu'attirantes dream destinations like Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. But what happens if you do not know your exact dates? And if you have doubts about the highlights of your holiday? Do you have the right to an ESTA application?

What is important at the time to make an ESTA application is to know your eligibility for travel under the visa waiver program with the United States. So it's okay if you do not yet know all the details of your stay as the city of departure, the name of your airline or your destination address: these fields are optional then the ESTA form online .

The US government recommends filling these optional information once they are more or less permanent in order to avoid changes. These optional information has no effect on getting your ESTA.

Finally, to travel last minute, you better have your ESTA authorization in hand, because if it is refused, you may not be reimbursed by your travel agency.

ESTA allows you to travel to the United States many times as you want during a two year period as your passport is valid.

Vous êtes fin prêts pour votre voyage aux Etats-Unis, faites votre demande d'autorisation ESTA dès maintenant. Pour plus d'informations concernant les conditions d'exemption de visa visitez notre Guide ESTA.

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