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Que se passe-t-il si je dépasse la date limite de mon séjour?

What are the consequences if I miss the deadline of my ESTA? If you have an ESTA authorization and that you exceed the limit of your stay, you will have difficulty if you want to return to the US in the future.

Your ESTA authorization to stay for a limited time if you go over you will not have the right to request a new ESTA. Thus, you will have to make a tourist visa (B-2).

This visa is paid (before leaving) and requires your presence at the Embassy of the United States in Paris.

Since you had exceeded the living deadline, the consular officer will have to ask you questions to determine if it was accidental or exceeded involves a risk of illegal immigration. You should therefore imperative to demonstrate that you do not attempt to reside illegally in the country but you go there for sightseeing.

If you exceed the limit dates of your stay, you are automatically considered illegal immigrant.

It must be remembered that, in the future, this could even lead to a ban or refusal of entry to the United States from 3 to 10 years (depending on the length of the overrun).

How can I avoid this?

First, if you are not sure that your stay will last 90 days or less, we strongly recommend that you apply for a visa and depart the ESTA application.

A visa allows you to travel to the US for a much longer period than 90 days and possibly extend your stay by submitting a reasoned request. However, ESTA does not allow you to extend your stay, unless it is a medical emergency or a request for political asylum.

If you wish to apply for asylum, you should as soon as possible communicate your intentions to officials of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States. If you wait until the end of your stay, you will raise doubts about the veracity of your testimony.

Vous êtes fin prêts pour votre voyage aux Etats-Unis, faites votre demande d'autorisation ESTA dès maintenant. Pour plus d'informations concernant les conditions d'exemption de visa visitez notre Guide ESTA.

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